SaferPlaces is proud to announce the launch of SaferX API, a groundbreaking tool to improve the landscape of risk assessment, particularly in the realms of floods and climate hazards. 

Offering a swift and comprehensive solution, the SaferX API empowers users to evaluate climate risks with unparalleled efficiency. By simply providing an address or coordinates, SaferPlaces can now generate a High-Resolution Flood Risk Score and a Climate Multi-Risk Score in a matter of minutes.

This innovative API extends its capabilities to a diverse range of natural hazards, including pluvial, fluvial, and coastal floods, droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, heatwaves, windstorms, and landslides. Designed to go beyond current risk evaluations, SaferX API anticipates future environmental changes, making it a powerful tool for organizations seeking to fortify their resilience strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, and make informed decisions to mitigate a spectrum of climate and environmental risks.

SaferX API’s Flood and Climate Multi-Risk Scores are instrumental for financial institutions, including banks, as they strive to meet regulatory requirements and disclose climate-related risks. By leveraging the SaferX API, they can enhance their risk management practices, ensure compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks and align seamlessly with the EU taxonomy’s focus on sustainable economic activities and the necessary adaptation to climate-related risks.

In addition, SaferX API’s ability to generate precise risk scores for various perils can represent a great asset for insurance and reinsurance sectors too, to support flood risk scoring and profiling, to improve risk selection, underwriting, premium setting and adequate pricing policies. Furthermore, our service can support parametric solutions and predictive analytics based on data, helping to map the risks and counteract the effects of climate change. Overall, it helps to overcome the current limitations in terms of data coverage at high-resolution and provides spatial-explicit risk information as detailed as to the specific property.

SaferX API stands as a testament to SaferPlaces’ commitment to advancing risk intelligence and providing organizations with the tools they need to navigate an ever-changing climate landscape, and contribute to the broader goals of climate resilience and sustainability.