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AI-driven Flood Intelligence in everyone’s hands

SaferPlaces makes flood intelligence accessible to everyone – no matter their level of expertise!
Our goal is to democratize high-resolution information and data-driven algorithms to help every city worldwide in building preparedness and climate resilience.
Geospatial, Satellite, Climate Data and AI-based model combined into a cloud computing environment provides incredible insights in terms of flood risk intelligence.

Will you be prepared for the next flood in your city?

Our Technology

Satellite Exploit Copernicus
Digital Twin Layers

Urban Digital Twin

SaferPlaces leverages the increasing availability of high resolution geospatial and climate open data from Google Earth Engine (GEE), Open Street Map (OSM), Microsoft Planetary, AMAZON and Copernicus which are integrated automatically to build the different layers of the city’s digital twin.

Computationally Efficient Algorithms

SaferPlaces exploits, innovative, fast Artificial Intelligence and physical-based algorithms for flood hazard and damage assessment.
Our proprietary model technology is scalable and provides real-time results combing the climate data (real-time, forecasting and climate projections) with the big geospatial data of the city’s digital twin.

Computationally Efficient Algorithms
Climate resilience models for cities

Climate Resilience Models for Cities

Resilience models provides tailored insights and strategies to face today and future flood risks in cities, and advise investments in NBS for flood risk reduction.

Saferplaces allows multiple users to assess the effect of flood risk mitigation measures such as physical barriers, water tanks and Green Based solutions

Power and Scalability of Cloud Computing

The high computational power provided by SaferPlaces’ cloud infrastructure allows for scalability and the possibility to run multiple scenarios, at high resolution, in real-time.

It empowers users to run computational intensive simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Cloud Computing

We respond to our clients’ needs

We support private and public entities to identify, assess and evaluate current emergency needs, as well as future flood-risk mitigation strategies.

Emergency authorities

Emergency Authorities

Water Energy Multi Utility

Water and Energy Multi-utility

Real estate

Real estate


Insurance and re-insurance



Finance and Banks

Finance and Banks

Our Solutions

Our solutions

Climate Change is Happening Now

SaferPlaces Platform deploys Global Flood Risk Intelligence at high resolution no need of complex and resource-intensive models.

The users can run in real-time Multiple flood scenarios for evolving cities under changing climate scenarios.

Assessment of mitigation and adaptation measures to support disasters and losses prevention.

Support early warning with rapid flood prediction for a better emergency management and save human life.

Advise investments in flood pre-event resilience with particular emphasis to NBS to reduce economic and humans losses.

Our solutions

Global and High Resolution Coverage at your finger tips

Global coverage

Comprehensive Flood Hazards Assessment

High-resolution flood risk intelligence needs to be available for every city worldwide.
SaferPLACES Platform allows to perform Costal, Pluvial and Fluvial flood hazard and damage assessment.

SaferPLACES can deploy multiple Extreme Sea Level coastal flooding scenarios.
Pluvial and Fluvial flood hazard and damages can be characterised by multiple input options.

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A Transparent and Flexible Pricing Strategy to Meet the Needs of Every Users


Starting package

  • Pixel Res.10-30 m
  • SaaS/DaaSHigh Resolution5-25 €/Km2
  • SaasHigh Resolution3-10 €/Km2 year


Best sale

  • Pixel Res. 5-10 m
  • SaaS/DaaS Super Resolution10-50 €/Km2
  • Saas Super Resolution5-15 €/Km2 year


Best accuracy

  • Pixel Res. 1-5 m
  • SaaS/DaaS Super Resolution40-80 €/Km2
  • Saas Super Resolution12-20 €/Km2 year

Download on-demand maps – DaaS
Deployment of Flood Hazard and Damage Maps at specific spatial resolution for a set of pre-defined scenarios (historical, climate and adaptation).

Flood Risk Intelligence data are deployed as GeoTIFF or in Tabular format exploiting our APIs

Access to cloud platform – SaaS
Unlimited and dedicated access to SaferPlaces Cloud Web Platform under the payment of an installation fee and annual subscription.

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Flood Risk Intelligence at your finger tips for every city worldwide

Costal Flooding and Defences

With the Physical Barrier Tool the user can design a specific flood protection measures, in this case a natural dune and evaluate the results in terms of flood and economic damage results on assets and buildings.

Pluvial Flooding and Water Tanks

The user can test and design localised mitigation measure such as water tank accumulation and order to minimise flood hazard and damages in specific hot spot of the cities.

Mitigation of Floods with green-based solution

SaferPlaces allows users to modify the soil infiltration capacity of the urban areas associated with soil de-sealing and investment in green based solution such as: green infiltration areas, green roof.

Passive Damage Building Mitigations

SaferPlaces computes the monetary value of losses caused by floodwater, building by building, and includes the possibility to assign to each building a specific passive mitigation measure.

SaferPlaces News

SaferPlaces is one of the finalist of RISE Flood Insurance of the Future Challenge!

Amid rising seas and a changing climate, coastal communities need new solutions to protect their homes and property, as they face the financial and environmental impacts of climate change. We’re proud that our solution was chosen by RISE Resilience Innovations as a finalist in their Flood…

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New publication on rapid Probabilistic Pluvial Flood Risk Assessment in Urban Areas

Ph: Figure 7. Pluvial Flood Damage Analysis for the City of Brussels (Belgium). On the Left, the Building Reclassification Around the City Center, Displaying Mostly Residential and Commercial Buildings. On the Right, the Estimated Direct Tangible Damages per Thousand EUR for an Extreme Rainfall…

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