We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to the SaferPlaces platform: real-time flood and water level forecasting, empowered by advanced AI-based models. This innovative function is a pivotal step forward in early warning and disaster risk reduction strategies.

In the face of escalating flood events, both in frequency and intensity, the need for prompt and accurate flood forecasting is more critical than ever. Traditional methods, while useful, often fall short in delivering the precision and speed required for effective early response. Addressing this gap, our latest feature introduces a novel, data-driven approach for real-time flood and water level forecasting, utilizing a sophisticated blend of AI and machine learning algorithms.

Developed within the AI4Copernicus project, 5th rounds of open Calls, our system integrates a hybrid model that fuses various machine learning techniques, including DLinear/NLinear, LSTM Hindsight Modeling, and FLEX. The model is meticulously trained on a rich dataset encompassing historical hydrological and meteorological information, enabling it to forecast water levels at river gauging stations for up to 12 hours in advance.

Our testing on the Lamone River (Faenza) in Italy has yielded impressive results, achieving a mean-absolute-error of less than 5 centimeters – a remarkably low margin of error for river forecasting. This level of accuracy not only matches but, in many cases, surpasses alternative forecasting methods.

Integrated seamlessly into the SaferPlaces platform, this function enriches our Flood Risk Intelligence capabilities. Within its user-friendly interface, SaferPlaces now offers enhanced features such as real-time flood maps, early warning alerts, and comprehensive flood risk assessments.

This advanced forecasting system is more than a technological achievement; it’s a tool of immense practical value. It empowers decision-making at local and regional levels, potentially saving lives and safeguarding property against the unpredictable nature of floods.

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