Ph credits: Climathon Crevalcore.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Climathon Crevalcore, taking place on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at the Municipality of Crevalcore (Italy).

The Climathon provides a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of climate issues, share innovative ideas, meet new people, and develop solutions to help the Crevalcore area adapt to climate change. Starting at 08:30, the day will be filled with workshops, conferences, and practical activities.

SaferPlaces will bring its expertise in hazard analysis to the table, contributing with valuable insights to the design of solutions aimed at addressing extreme flood events and enhancing community resilience. The event is open to everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or community member—Climathon Crevalcore welcomes all!

Through the challenge “Floods and Emergency,” participants will work together to develop solutions to make the community safer and more resilient. The challenge focuses on three levels of action: education and awareness, flood management during and post-event, and prevention and containment strategies for precipitation forces.

How does it work? Participants form groups of approximately 3-5 people and are presented with a local climate challenge. Throughout the day, they’ll have the opportunity to listen to experts, generate ideas, and develop solutions to address the challenge. The event concludes with teams presenting their solutions to a jury.

Registration is free and open to all! You can join as an individual or form a team of 3-5 members. If you prefer to spectate without participating in the challenge, public access is allowed during specific times of the event. 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to make a difference and connect with like-minded individuals who care about the environment. Register now to secure your spot at Climathon Crevalcore through this link.

Join us for a day dedicated to climate action!