SaferPlaces is thrilled to announce the launch of Safer_FloodSat, a revolutionary module that has emerged from our collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) under the InCubed project. This module marks a milestone in making sophisticated Earth Observation (EO) data accessible and easy to interpret, even for non-expert users.

Safer_FloodSat simplifies the process of deploying flood maps from satellite data, eliminating time-consuming steps in data acquisition, pre-processing, and post-processing. This on-demand feature is designed to democratize flood risk intelligence, making it readily available to a wider audience with unparalleled ease.

As the latest enhancement to the SaferPlaces platform, Safer_FloodSat stands out for its user-friendly operation. It allows anyone, regardless of expertise, to instantly generate detailed flood maps with just a few clicks. The module swiftly extracts flood mask geospatial layers for any global city, offering real-time solutions to users without the traditional complexities of EO data manipulation.

In the wake of the Emilia-Romagna flood event in May 2023, Safer_FloodSat proved to be an indispensable tool. With its rapid deployment capability, it provided Civil Protection authorities with immediate access to high-resolution water and depth maps, aiding swift and informed decision-making.

Users can visualize the output directly within the SaferPlaces Graphical User Interface (GUI), where the flood mask information becomes an integral part of the platform’s flood hazard modeling algorithms. This innovative approach not only enhances the platform’s functionality but also enriches the information available for flood-prone areas.

The Safer_FloodSat module symbolizes our dedication to enhancing global flood resilience. By integrating advanced satellite technology into our platform, we’re making strides in equipping users with dynamic, intuitive tools for effective flood risk assessment and response.

We’re excited for what’s next as we continue to roll out groundbreaking features that revolutionize risk management and resilience strategies via the SaferPlaces platform!