Exciting developments at SaferPlaces!

In 2023, our dedicated Research and Development team has been at the forefront of technological innovation. We are now proud to announce the roll-out of new, advanced functionalities within the SaferPlaces platform.

These enhancements are the result of cutting-edge research and development efforts. They are designed to significantly boost the platform’s performance and user experience, leveraging the latest innovations.

Here is a short overview of these groundbreaking updates…more details coming soon!


ESA InCubed Satellite-Based Enhancements at SaferPlaces

In a fruitful collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) during the InCubed program, SaferPlaces is integrating three innovative satellite-based functionalities. These enhancements are set to revolutionize the way we generate essential spatial layers:

  • High-Resolution Digital Elevation Modeling: Utilizing SAR datasets, we can now produce highly detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEM), offering unprecedented terrain accuracy.
  • Advanced Flood Water Mapping: By harnessing both commercial and public satellite data, we’ve expanded our capabilities in creating extensive flood water maps, providing critical insights in flood-prone areas.
  • Enhanced Rainfall Intensity Maps: Our improved methodologies yield more precise rainfall intensity maps, essential for accurate forecasting and planning.

Seamlessly incorporated into our elastic and scalable cloud framework, these enhancements assure comprehensive global coverage. This integration significantly enhances the accuracy of input data for our model component algorithms, leading to quasi-real-time flood hazard mapping. This advancement is a game-changer for emergency response, disaster management, and climate adaptation planning.


Innovative Real-Time Flood Mapping for Enhanced Early Warning at SaferPlaces

As part of our continuous innovation, under the AI4Copernicus project, we are excited to unveil a new real-time flood mapping function. This advanced feature is a fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Earth Observation (EO) technologies, designed to offer predictive short-term flood hazard mapping.

Utilizing an AI-driven approach, this functionality processes extensive past precipitation data to forecast potential flood scenarios. This integration not only amplifies the predictive accuracy of our platform but also significantly speeds up the delivery of critical flood insights. The result is a more robust and proactive early warning system, empowering users to respond swiftly and effectively to impending flood risks.


New 2D Computational Fast Hydrodynamic Flood Mapping 

SaferPlaces is excited to introduce UNTRIM, a new hydrodynamic flood mapping capability seamlessly integrated into our platform. This dynamic addition brings sophisticated hydrodynamic modeling to the forefront, enhancing our flood mapping precision and reliability.


SaferX API: Advanced Flood and Climate Risk Assessment

Elevating risk assessment to a new level, our SaferX API offers a swift and comprehensive solution for evaluating climate risks. With just an address or coordinates, SaferPlaces can now deliver a high-resolution Flood Risk Score and a Climate Multi-Risk Score in a matter of minutes.

Our API’s capabilities extend across a broad spectrum of natural hazards, encompassing pluvial, fluvial, and coastal floods, droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, heatwaves, windstorms, and landslides. This powerful tool is designed not just for current risk evaluation but also for anticipating future environmental changes. By leveraging SaferPlaces’ extensive risk intelligence, organizations can now enhance their resilience strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, and make informed decisions to mitigate diverse climate and environmental risks.


Stay tuned as we unveil each of these innovative features, reshaping the landscape of risk management and resilience. SaferPlaces is not just a platform: it’s your partner in navigating a safer, more secure future.