We are excited to announce a significant advancement in flood modeling technology on the SaferPlaces platform, developed in collaboration with Prof. Casulli from the University of Trento. This enhancement entails the comprehensive integration of the Safer3DFlood Model, a cutting-edge 3D hydrodynamic model capable of real-time simulation of pluvial, fluvial, and coastal flood events.

The core of this innovation lies in the Safer3DFlood Model’s computational solver, which employs advanced mathematical techniques to solve the 3D Navier-Stokes equations on an unstructured grid. This allows for intricate, time-dependent flood simulations, culminating in the generation of real-time flood hazard maps.

This new model marks a substantial leap in enhancing the accuracy and capabilities of the SaferPlaces platform. It is specifically designed to bolster the platform’s utility in several critical areas: facilitating the design of resilient urban infrastructures, supporting early warning systems for flood events, augmenting disaster risk reduction strategies in urban settings, and refining flood risk assessments. The latter is particularly impactful, as it contributes to reducing the costs associated with insurance and financial risk management related to flood hazards.

Overall, the integration of the Safer3DFlood Model into SaferPlaces heralds a new era in dynamic and precise flood event simulation, reinforcing our commitment to urban safety and sustainability