Ph. credits: Copernicus Master

The Space Awards 2022 will take place as part of the New Space Economy Expoforum 2022 (NSE) in Rome.

NSE is the yearly date on the economic impacts of the space sector, on what drives the quick running evolution of the institutional and private involvement in the New Space. It offers a quick view on the increasing potential of the space sector to the widest community of users and on new potential stakeholders and business opportunities at national and international level.

During the first Day of NSE, on Thursday, 1 December 2022, 16:30 – 19:00, the Space Awards ceremony will take place, with the announcement of the winners of Copernicus Masters 2022, the global space innovation competition presenting Europe’s top entrepreneurs.

SaferPlaces is participating as one of the finalists of UP42 Airbus Challenge. The prize will consist in innovation coaching, opportunity for incubation, and an additional cash prize for the overall winner.