Photo credits: Seascape.

SaferPlaces provided its contribution for the publication of the first issue of Seascape: “EROSIONS”, addressing the topic of coastal erosion in the Mediterranean basin, with a particular focus on the Italian coasts.

In the second chapter, we talk about the experience with one of the main Italian seaside tourist destination, the city of Rimini, and our contribution to the city’s efforts towards the waterfront requalification and adaptation to sea level rise through the sea park “Parco del Mare di Rimini”.

Seascape is an international journal of architecture, urbanism and geomorphology of coastal landscapes, edited by Primiceri Editore in collaboration with Legambiente and the Italian Coastal Landscapes Observatory O.P.C.I. (Osservatorio Paesaggi Costieri Italiani). The online version of the complete publication is accessible at free to download.