Credits to IIA.

SaferPlaces is one of the finalists selected during the third and last phase of the Italian Insuretech Association’s challenge: IIA FACTOR, dedicated to the most innovative realities in the Insurtech world.

According to the IIA in the next few years, big players in the insurance world will need to invest at least 400 million euros in digital innovation to develop solutions that can perform predictive analysis and support against the effects of climate change. In fact, environmental catastrophes are among the biggest challenges for the insurance industry.
SaferPlaces contributed to show how Space Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will help mapping risks related to flooding and ultimately lead to the development of appropriate services and policies.

The Italian Insuretech Association’s challenge aims at stimulating the insurance market to invest in Insurtech and in promising young startups. SaferPlaces will participate in the final event of the IIA Factor contest, scheduled for September 23, 2022 in Milan.

Wish us good luck!