In a proactive move towards bolstering its resilience against hydraulic risks, the Municipality of Parma has acquired a SaferPlaces license, empowering the city with cutting-edge flood risk intelligence.

This strategic investment aims to enhance the city’s capabilities in monitoring and mitigating hydraulic risks, supporting informed decision-making for urban planning and infrastructure development.

By leveraging SaferPlaces, Parma is aligning itself with the forefront of technological solutions designed to address the challenges posed by climate change. The acquisition of the SaferPlaces license signals Parma’s commitment to proactive risk management, ensuring the safety of its residents and the longevity of its infrastructure in the face of evolving climate conditions.

As municipalities worldwide recognize the importance of adopting advanced tools for climate resilience, Parma’s investment in SaferPlaces sets a commendable example for urban development focused on sustainability and risk mitigation, well-prepared for the uncertainties of the future.

(The image shows a rainfall flooding scenario on the overall territory of Parma, performed with the SaferPlaces platform – screenshot of the user interface)