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InsurZine is the first multi-channel information hub benchmark in the insurtech industry. It is one of the most authoritative sources of information related to the culture and digitization of the insurance world.

This week publication of the InsurZine Weekly features an article dedicated to SaferPlaces, with an interview to our CEO Stefano Bagli. He explained how SaferPlaces’ technology can be a real ally in preventing floor risks related to extreme phenomena and a useful solution for the insurance industry, not only in Italy but also beyond national borders.

Bagli also described SaferPlaces’ recent experience within the Fin+Tech accelerator, which was particularly significant to showcase SaferPlaces to the insurance market. For its characteristics, SaferPlaces is emblematic of how spatial innovation, artificial intelligence and big data can help the insurance industry to address one of its biggest challenges: environmental catastrophes. In this way, SaferPlaces directly contributes to the digital innovation of the insurance industry, with a solution capable of performing predictive analytics to counter the effects of climate change, map the risks related to environmental disasters, and design appropriate services and policies.

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