The beta version of the SaferPlaces Platform, a cloud web service for cost-effective mapping of flood hazard and risk in urban areas, is now accessible online for everyone.  You can test it directly at this link:

In addition, a short video tutorial is available here: it will guide you through the process of registration in order to log in and access the full platform from your web browser, as no installation is required. It will also explain everything you need to know for navigating smoothly through the platform, and will provide you a step-by-step example simulation of three different flooding scenarios (pluvial, fluvial and coastal flooding) for the city of Rimini. You will then be ready to run your own tailored flood hazard and damage assessment simulations and inspect the final results for the four cities in which the platform is now active: Cologne, Milano, Pamplona and Rimini.

Test it yourself and let us know what you think through the Contact Us section!