Ph. credits: Press Release Directed Project.

SaferPlaces is proud to announce its contribution in the Directed Project, which aims to improve governance, communication, and the practical use of climate change and flood risk tools. The project will hold a Civil Protection exercise on hydraulic and coastal risks on June 13-14, followed by a General Assembly on June 15, to discuss the results of the activities.

Flood and storm surge simulations will take place at the Rimini Port Canal and along the Marecchia River embankment. Organized by the Regional Agency for Safety and Civil Protection, ARPAE, and GECOsistema, the event will involve volunteer coordination from Rimini and Ferrara, coastal municipalities, Hera, the Romagna Reclamation Consortium, and the Directed Project delegation.

The exercise aims to strengthen collaboration among civil protection entities, test the regional alert system, and improve emergency management strategies related to climate change by sharing tools and procedures at the European level. Specifically, the “DIRECTED Flood 2024” exercise will simulate extensive coastal flooding and river flooding, testing the interoperability of data and tools provided by European partners for risk management, forecasting, and impact assessment.

SaferPlaces’ flood intelligence tools are a key component in the simulations, helping to demonstrate the practical application of advanced climate risk assessment and management technologies. The event will see around 50 volunteers engaging in reinforcement activities using specialized equipment and mobile offices, ensuring comprehensive testing and demonstration of emergency response capabilities.

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