Ph: ESA InCubed.

We are honored to have been accepted and receive fundings from the ESA InCubed program.

InCubed is an European Space Agency (ESA) program managed by the ESA Φ-lab and it focuses on developing innovative and commercially viable products and services that generate or exploit the value of Earth observation imagery and datasets.

We started our journey in September 2022 and it will last for 18 months. Within the framework of ESA InCubed, we are developing new functionalities able to integrate satellite data and automatically generate three fundamental spatial layers:

  • High resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM),
  • Flood water map extension,
  • Rainfall Intensity Map improving the precipitation data blended with ground data.

These layers are merged within the elastic and scalable cloud framework of the SaferPlaces platform, with the aim to ensure global high-resolution coverage and provide more accurate input data to the existing model component algorithms. In addition, they enrich the platform with the possibility to map in quasi-real time flood hazards, for supporting flood emergency and disaster management.

The SaferPlaces Platform can be activated for every city worldwide and a demo is available after registration at our web site: