“Climate Thursdays”, a webinar series on climate services and climate-related innovations, is taking place over summer 2020 as side events to Climateurope webstivals.

SaferPLACES, together with Copernicus Pluvial Flood Risk Assessment in Urban Areas, will organize the next event on the 30/07/2020. It will take place from 11.00 to 12.30, hosted by CMCC, the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.

The webinar will address modern climate services estimating pluvial hazard and risk modelling in urban contexts. SaferPLACES will present its cloud web platform dedicated to mapping flood hazard and risk in urban areas and supporting climate resilience. The Copernicus C3S will take this approach even further and demonstrate its applicability across 20 European cities. During the webinar, strategies and approaches to model extreme rainfall events and floods in a climate change perspective will also be presented.

The event is open to everyone: register here to participate.